tv::all trek [ds9/stng/ent/voy/tos: in order of importance]
"And while we're on the subject of dung, there's the matter of the theme music. Yes, Virginia, they have re-done the theme. Now I'll go on record as saying that I had gotten to the point where I kind of quietly accepted Russell Watson singing the theme song. I can't say that I've ever jumped up and down in enthusiasm over it and certainly haven't felt the rise of gooseflesh that the signature tunes for the original series or Goldsmith's score from Star Trek – The Motion Picture (later re-used as the theme for Star Trek: The Next Generation) gave me but I had managed to not throw things at the screen when Watson's voice came up. All I can say to those of you who think you've won some sort of victory by having the theme tinkered with is the same thing I told all of those Battlestar Galactica fans back in 1980: be very careful what you wish for. / The re-worked theme still features Russell Watson singing the Diane Warren song "Faith of the Heart". In fact, it sounds like the same vocal Watson recorded for the series first season. Added to the music are some new flourishes that would only sound good to Billy Murray's old lounge singer character from Saturday Night Live. I half expected to see someone in a puffy shirt brandishing some maracas to come out and cha-cha to the theme. I screamed at my television screen as the "new" theme droned on in all of its Dolby surround sound glory. I think a little piece of me died as I listened to that music. I found myself wishing for the previous version. Or the original Trek theme on a kazoo, any freaking thing but this. But that was only a harbinger of the pain that was to follow......" []