tv::the l word [queer as folk for girls]
"...But the great success of "The L Word" is in getting past all the barriers put in front of it. By the end of the pilot, you want to follow these characters through their lives -- easily the most important aspect of establishing a series. The quality of the writing and acting relegate the sex scenes, hot as they may be, to supporting-role status. (It could easily have been reversed.) Ultimately, "The L Word" seems nothing like an obvious effort by Showtime to capitalize on "Queer As Folk," and more a series that has wonderful stories of its own to tell. And no, despite the ads, it's not the next "Sex and the City." / Maybe Showtime should change the promos to "Come for the Sex, Stay for the Characters." At least that would be truer, and certainly more deserving of the series. " []