tv::friends [joey/rachel/chandler/ross/phoebe/monica: in order of funfactor]
PHOEBE: We have got to get you lazy boys out of these chairs. / CHANDLER and JOEY: Hey, woah, hey, woah. / PHOEBE: You know you should go outside and be with the three-dimensional people. / JOEY: No, inside good, outside bad. / PHOEBE: You guys are so pathetic, I, oh, OH, XANADU! OH. / CHANDLER: She's one of us now. ### PHOEBE: I can't believe two cows made the ultimate sacrifice so you guys could watch TV with your feet up. / CHANDLER: Well they were chair-shaped cows. They never would have survived in the wild. ### CHANDLER: All right look, I think it's time for you to settle down. Y'know? Make a choice, pick a lane. / JOEY: Who's Elaine?