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without a doubt, this has to be the best 'general goods' store on the planet...3 outlets in tokyo. tokyu hands shibuya store is oldest and has best stock [and a bit of personality] though store is crowded and lacks life supporting oxygen. tokyu hands shinjuku store is much newer, bigger and better for your health...there is another outlet in Ikebukuro, but no need to go there unless you are [unfortunately] staying over that way. []
Mitsukoshi is the oldest department store in Japan. Starting out as a kimono outlet in 1673, "Echigoya" was the first store where people could come in, browse around, and pay on the spot with cash for kimono cloth, rather than paying in interest-bearing installments as was the norm in those days....The merchandise quickly diversified to include daily necessities and gift items, and Mitsukoshi grew to become the best-stocked and most prestigious department store in Asia by the 1960s. The store's reputation made it the place to buy gifts, and the Mitsukoshi logo continues to stand for quality. For examples of the very best in Japanese customer service, Mitsukoshi is the place to go. ...//... This is in addition to floor after floor of great shopping, including a food basement throbbing with the shouts of vendors and teasing you with myriad scents from showcases full of fruits, meats, cakes and teas. The tasting is free. []