movies::sofia coppola [father:francis, brother: roman; cousin: nicolas]
"...While her first film was arguably inevitable, she’s now returned at age 32 with her second attempt, Lost in Translation, and in doing so has defined herself as a serious filmmaker with a vision of her own. Lost in Translation was shot in 27 days and stars Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson as mismatched American strangers roaming about a Tokyo hotel over the course of a week. / For Sofia, who wrote the original screenplay, Translation is about how, “You can have a valuable exchange with someone that doesn’t have to be a part of your life.” / “I had spent a bunch of time there (Tokyo) in my early and mid-20’s doing work on different things. When I was there I thought, Oh I wanna do a movie here someday. I just love the way it visually looks. It’s just so foreign. I’ve never been any place where you just feel like you’re on another planet. Then with jetlag on top of it. So to me it was a unique experience. That was sort of the starting point.” / She continues, “I remember driving home in a taxi and seeing the neon blurring by and listening to music…I thought, Wow! I knew that I wanted to show Tokyo in a movie because I haven’t really seen it in a movie like that.” / While most of the film was indirectly inspired by real life experiences, Sofia certainly drew inspiration from classic motion pictures as well. “I watched a lot of movies while working on this like L’Avventura – that kind of meandering feeling. And when I was on the plane to Tokyo Roman Holiday was playing.” One film that influenced her and made it into the final cut was based on a bizarre encounter: “I actually saw La Dolce Vita on TV when I was in Japan. It was just something with the Japanese subtitles and they were speaking Italian. Just that international feeling.”... []