movies::donnie darko [director: r. kelly] sic!
"...I can't help getting excited when I see a new filmmaker burst out of the gate with a truly noteworthy and auspicious debut, as first time director Richard Kelly has done with Donnie Darko. The film is a clever sci-fi tale about time travel, mental illness, apocalypse, religion, child exploitation, paranoia, and one evil bunny. It is challenging, complex, surreal, funny, creepy, at times frustrating, and utterly unique. This is a filmmaker to keep your eyes on. / The film was originally scheduled to open in late 2001. Unfortunately, after the terrorist activities in New York, suddenly a movie about airplane parts falling from the sky didn't seem like such a good idea anymore. The movie had next to no theatrical screenings outside of film festivals, and for all intents is going direct to video. It deserves better. With proper marketing this could have been a cult hit along the lines of Being John Malkovich from a few years ago. I am eager to see what Richard Kelly does next. / Donnie Darko is an intriguing movie worthy of repeat viewing. Don't pay any attention to the text on the disc case that compares it to "edgy" teen crap like Urban Legends and Final Destination. Any similarities are entirely superficial. Darko is a much more interesting film..." []